About Peoria Production Shop

“We are very proud that we have been entirely self supporting for over 70 years, never seeking government funding or assistance.”— Dick Peplow, President CEO

Our reputation for reliability and responsiveness is known from Fortune 500 manufacturers to leading makers of consumer and industrial products. Here's why:

Skilled Workforce

Our employees are skilled and experienced in packaging and assembly operations. We apply this expertise while developing our skills to meet new challenges.

Modern Facility Designed to Handle Big Jobs

Our Peoria, Illinois facility was built in 1998 to our specifications for safe, efficient handling of components, raw materials and finished products. We have 15 shipping and receiving docks, integrated warehousing services, fully computerized inventory control and room to grow. More…

Specialized Equipment

We employ specialized tooling and automation for packaging, bagging, counting, assembly, bindery, labeling, sewing and inventory control.

Quality and Performance Exceed Standards

We consistently exceed our own performance standards, as well as customer satisfaction and quality measures.

Dedication and Experience

Many of our employees have been with us more than 20 years, offering insight, dedication and pride in a job well done.

Well Located Near Highway and Air Transportation

Our facility is located for quick access to nationwide interstate trucking and global air shipping. More…


Tell us what you need to get done.

Our success is built on strong, personal relationships. Give us a challenge, a budget and a deadline; we'll meet them all while maintaining the quality and economy you demand.

Call us at (888) 449-2358 or send us a description. We may have just the solution you are looking for.